Best High-Mileage, Long-Distance,
Endurance-Riding Books by Ron Ayres

There are books about motorcycle journeys around the world and books about journeys that last for years, but high-mileage, endurance-riding is long distances in short periods of time. For example, there is a competition known as the Iron Butt Rally held every two years. Competitors ride 11,000 miles in 11 days. Ron Ayres has written a book about his own travails in that competition and another book about his record breaking ride through 49 states in seven days. That is not a misprint. He has also written a third book about endurance riding techniques. If you are serious about long-distance riding, there is no better material to be had.

Against the Wind

A Rider's Account of the Incredible Iron Butt Rally

Ron Ayres reprises his ordeals in the famous Iron Butt Rally traveling 11,000 miles in eleven days. A sixth-place 1995 finisher, Ayres tells the story of what many call the most grueling test of human endurance in all of motorcycling. With guts and shear willpower, riders must overcome fatigue and danger, calling upon human reserves buried deep within. Ayres reveals the innermost thoughts of a successful contestant and lets us share the anticipation, the thrill, the fatigue, the heartbreak, the euphoria, and ultimately the controversy of completing this merciless trial. Motorcycle journalist Bob Higdon states in his foreword to the book, "Here, told from the point of view of a participant, the unraveling of human souls proceeds in almost embarrassing clarity." It's an incredible journey most of us would rather enjoy from our easy chair, and now we can with this first-rate book.

Against the Clock

The Incredible Story of the 7-49; 49 States In 7 Days By Motorcycle

The unbelievable story of Ron Ayres' record-breaking and historic ride demonstrates the importance of teamwork in achieving a difficult objective many thought unattainable. Ayres' compelling text captures with total sincerity the flavor of the ride as it happened. Softbbound 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 256 pages, 90 black and white illustrations.

Going the Extra Mile

Insider Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycling and Endurance Rallies

When Ron Ayres first competed in the Iron Butt Rally in 1995, a hardy, but loosely organized group of endurance riders took the field to participate in a sport that barely existed at the time. Ayres riveting account of his sixth-place finish, Against the Wind, would introduce countless motorcyclists to this virtual community for whom mileage means nothing and everything. And naturally, many readers became hooked. Best-selling author Ron Ayres has written the first book to share the proven advice of long-distance veterans with all riders who are looking to extend their range on a motorcycle. Those hard-core motorcyclists who aspire to participate in endurance rallies will find all the basic information they need to get off to a great start, but touring riders and less ambitious travelers also will be well-served by this book as would anyone looking to learn a few tricks for enjoying more time in the saddle. To ride long distances, first one must be comfortable riding in a wide range of conditions and situations, and long-distance riders typically choose and modify their gear with these goals in mind. Preparation is also key to success, and you'll learn how to make the most of your ride before you even mount up, utilizing the latest techniques for computer mapping and GPS navigation. See how the Big Dogs manage fuel consumption, speed, and rest breaks to maintain a high average mileage. And lastly, an extensive resource directory will put hundreds of valuable contacts at your fingertips. Paperback, 8-1/4 x 10-1/2, 160 pages, 300 black and white illustrations.

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