Best Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are not just a fashion statement.  They are functional.  Sturdy boots make it easier to operate the foot shifter and brake, plant your feet on the ground, keep your balance and get a purchase to flat foot backwards.  But most importantly, they can help protect your feet and ankles in a fall.

A boot with a thick sole and logger tread helps provide some leg if you are a short biker.  A steel-toed boot can offer an extra margin of protection, as I found out the hard way.  Heavy boots also make it easier to keep your balance.  Boots make you look good, too. 

If you are looking for big, black boots, stomper boot, biker boots, the last word in boots is West Coast Shoe Company, Wesco.  Their web site is very informative and the boots will make your mouth water, but you better have a big, black bank account to buy some.  The boot market is ferociously competitive and many suitable boots are available at affordable prices.  Shop around. 

Motorcycle boots for men, women and youths are available in a number of styles and heights.  Shoes and short boots just over the ankles are available but a better choice would be the 6 and 8-inch boots to help protect the ankles and lower leg.  These are comfortable enough to wear all day, every day.  Wear them with jeans a bit longer than normal so that your socks and hairy legs don't show when your feet are on the pegs. 

Men's Tall Motorcycle Boots as high as 11, 12 or 13 inches are also available and make a real statement but may prove a bit much for extended or daily wear, specially in warm climates.  Motorcycle Boots for Women are available in short or tall and even some steel-toed.  Fashion biker boots can also be found.  Choose from half a dozen Youth Boots for that little biker coming up.

Once you have your boots, check out these tips for comfortable boots.

By the way, I also found the most amazing web site about knotting shoelaces and lacing boots and shoes, Ian's Shoelace Site.  Just when I thought I had invented a new, secure shoelace knot, I discovered on Ian's sight that it was known as the Surgeon's knot, the most commonly used secure shoelace knot.  It keeps the new, round and synthetic laces found on many boots these days tightly knotted.  The best thing about this knot is that you can have your boots loosely laced for comfort, but the knot stays fast until you pull it free.  To learn a new knot or teach your children how to tie their shoes with nursery rhymes, check it out.

Motorcycling at its best.

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