Best Motorcycle Seats

One of the first things that many riders are sorely tempted to change on a motorcycle is the seat.  That is where you spend most of your time and will bear heavily on riding satisfaction.  There are basically three ways to change the seat -- add a seat pad, modify the factory seat or replace the seat with an aftermarket seat. 

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The most common do-it-yourself modification is to filet the seat cushion, fashioning the factory foam to your own vision with a knife.  Some riders add foam to build up a seat or pull out the old foam and replace it with foam more to their liking.  If you are crafty, you can change the seat cover while you are at it. 

Another alternative is to check with your local upholstery shops.  You will probably find one that is willing to do a motorcycle seat.  Tell them what you want and see if they can work with you.  Typically, they are less expensive than the aftermarket companies, can make a one of a kind, custom seat to your specifications and should have faster turnaround. 

Finally, the most expensive option is to use an aftermarket company.  Below are listed some of the best known companies.  Not every company makes seats for every motorcycle.  Some will construct the seat to your specifications based on your height, weight and passenger.  Most of them use some type of closed cell foam for the pad -- molded, shaped or layered.  Some offer covers of fabric or leather and a selection of colors.

Some companies use their own seat pan while others will want you to send in your seat pan, which means you may not be riding for six weeks or more.  No matter what method you use, if the old seat pan, pad and cover is in good condition try to save them.  That way you can restore your ride to original condition before selling it and sell the aftermarket seat separately.

Bill Mayer Saddles -- Hand Crafted Since 1971
Bill Mayer, known as the Saddle Meister and Dr. of Buttology, worked tirelessly since 1971 perfecting his designs and materials, which he handcrafted to build the finest of touring saddles.
Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories
Since 1968, Corbin has been the top motorcycle seat manufacturer in the world and now boasts more unique designs and innovations than ever. In fact, Corbin holds more Patents than any other accessory company in the US.
"Day-Long" Motorcycle Seats by Russell Cycle Products
The Day-Long Touring Saddle is a motorcycle seating system specifically designed for driver and passenger comfort.
Mustang Motorcycle Seats
Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc. is a world leader in the design and construction of motorcycle seats. Since 1980, Mustang has been proud of making the highest quality, most comfortable seats available and offering them at reasonable prices.
Sargent Cycle Products, Motorcycle Seats & Accessories
The most advanced motorcycle seats ever developed. Features include the lightweight, precision-molded base pan, improved long range comfort and ergonomics, and under-the-seat storage and quick release options.
Travelcade / Saddlemen Motorcycle seats, luggage and accessories
Travelcade/Saddlemen is recognized for it's innovation and technology, bringing new products and ideas to motorcycle seating and luggage.
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