Best Motorcycle Seat Pads

Short of carving up your factory seat or buying an aftermarket seat (see Best Motorcycle Seat, adding a pad of some sort my prove to be your best option.  There are a number of choices, each with its own advantages. 

There are basically five types of pads -- foam, gel, air, bead and sheepskin.  No matter which one you choose, however, one advantage is that when you sell your ride, you can move your favorite pad to your next motorcycle, something that may not be possible with an expensive aftermarket seat.  Here is how they compare.

The foam pad is typically closed cell foam.  Most factory seats are of open cell foam.  Closed cell foam is firmer, which may sound less comfortable but the truth of the matter is that a broad, flat firm seat often proves to be more comfortable than a squishy seat that mashes down.  Also, the foam pad will raise the rider and provide more legroom between the seat and the pegs.

Gel pads originated with the medical industry for wheelchair bound patients to protect them from sores.  Some riders find them comfortable, but others feel like they are squirming around on the seat and do not favor them.

Air pads would seem ideal, but again some riders don't feel solidly connected with their ride and are uneasy using them.  One advantage of the air pad is that the amount of air can be adjusted.

The bead seats have one huge advantage in hot weather -- air circulates under you and helps keep you cool.  They also help keep your crotch dry in rainy weather by allowing the water to drain away from your bottom.  They also claim to distribute pressure points.

Finally, the sheepskin seat covers.  They supposedly keep you cool in summer, warm in winter.  They are available in a variety of colors and thickness.  Rain can be a problem, but you can remove them in advance or put a cover over them.  You could also roll it up and use it for a pillow if you are camping.  Below are listed the best known sources for the five different kinds of seat pads.

Butt Buffer Motorcycle Seat Cushions
Carolina Butt Buffer Motorcycle Top Cushions & Polymer Inserts provide the performance riders are looking for without the associated hassles. - Why Wooden Beads!
BeadRiders allow air to flow between the rider and the saddle, keeping you dryer and cooler. Beaded seats also allow for the dispersion of your pressure points over a larger area.
CrossGel : GEL TEC Seat Cushions
Each Soft-Bottom Comfort Seating cushion is made up of individual, interconnected gel cells that promote consistent blood flow by allowing body weight pressure to be evenly distributed which means no more pressure points and numbness!
AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Cushions
Patented system eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride.
Alaska Leather -- Sheepskin Buttpad
Sheepskin is a natural product that works like magic. Often used in medical applications to prevent bedsores, it keeps your "buttbones" from burning and is cool in the summer, warm in cold weather, reduces sweating, and keeps the bitch factor down.
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