Samson Exhaust Systems

Samson exhaust systems can be tuned with carefully designed baffles to reduce the sound level of the exhaust note and to help create back pressure in the exhaust system. Believe it or not, a little back pressure actually helps most motorcycle engines create useable torque. Drag bikes with high performance engines are not concerned with long term engine durability, making too much noise and manageable torque over a broad power band and therefore may not use baffles.

Samson also has some slick little torque cones or venturis you can add to the front of your exhaust. The venturi shape, bigger at the entrance and tapering down at the exit, causes gases to accelerate and create a higher velocity of exhaust flow in the exhaust pipe. This increases power but there are two other performance benefits gained from the use of torque cones. The additional velocity scavenges the exhaust port more efficiently and assists in evacuating gasses from the engine. The other benefit is an anti-reversion effect that eliminates spent gases being sucked back into the combustion chamber during the engine's intake stroke providing a cleaner burning, cooler running engine.

Many V-twin motorcycles with factory installed exhaust systems have a connector pipe between the front and rear cylinder exhaust pipes. Samson believes that this configuration typically contributes to excessive back pressure on the right side muffler. All the exhaust from the front cylinder and about 70% of the rear cylinder exhaust gasses are being forced through the right side muffler. Only about 30% of the exhaust flow and exhaust note comes from the left side muffler. This means that the left side exhaust is more cosmetic than functional. The Samson True Dual Crossover System eliminates the connector pipe found in stock systems. Each cylinder has it's own separate exhaust pipe allowing for a much more free flowing exhaust from each cylinder to each muffler. The Samson true dual crossover system greatly enhances performance.

Hand polishing procedures performed in the Samson factory provide high quality preparation and double nickel hexavaliant chroming insure show chrome quality. Samson guarantees their products for six months against manufacturing defects. You may have seen "blue" or discolored exhaust pipes. No matter who chromed the pipes, this does not necessarily mean a bad chrome job. The main cause of blueing or discoloration is improper tuning, cam timing, engine timing, jetting or overheating. It is not caused by defective manufacturing. So when you put those new pipes on and change the back pressure, it is up to you to adjust the intake side, jetting and have the bike tuned accordingly. Samson will not warranty "blued" pipes.

Motorcycling at its best.

Special information for BMW F650GS and
Yamaha V-Max motorcycle enthusiasts.

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