SuperTrapp Exhaust Systems

For over 30 years, SuperTrapp has provided performance exhausts for street and racing motorcycles. SuperTrapp was founded on its patented disc diffuser design. The discs allow for tuning of the muffler for performance and function.

SuperTrapp exhaust systems are the standard by which others are judged and is unsurpassed for innovation, quality, design and performance. The ability to select sound and performance levels is an important advantage of SuperTrapp. SuperTrapp exhaust systems deliver unmatched performance, distinctive styling and sound, effortless installation and lasting service.

IDS: The Internal Disc Series Story

Dr. Paul Moller wanted a way to scavenge residual gas so that a stronger charge could enter the combustion chamber and increase performance. The SuperTrapp was born.

SuperTrapp uses a radial diffuser system, a patented series of discs with a precise gap to regulate the exhaust outlet. Adding or subtracting discs wave tunes the engine and carburetion. Increase or decrease the exhaust outlet size by adding discs to open the system and removing them to reduce it.

Fewer discs make for a quieter system, but what is the fun in that? Add more discs until it is as noisy as you, or your neighbors can stand. On the other hand, because SuperTrapp dispenses exhaust gases radially rather than straight it still provides effective reduction in noise levels yet allows flexibility in performance tuning.

Opening and closing the exhaust exit allows you to adjust your powerband, according to the type of riding you do. Remove discs to decrease the exhaust opening and increase back pressure. This decreases the powerband to give you more low-end torque, decreases the exhaust tone and enriches the carburetion.

Add discs to increase the exhaust opening and reduce back pressure. This increases the powerband to give you more top- end, increases the exhaust tone and leans out the carburetion.

Back in the bad old days, an objection to SuperTrapp was that because the exhaust gases were dispensed radially, they were sometimes blasted onto the bike and rider or passenger.  SuperTrapp has fixed that problem with their new slash-cut tipped performance exhaust that forms a shield to divert the hot gases.

The Kerker Connection:
SuperTrapp purchased Kerker in 1991 and continues to sell Kerker exhaust systems. 

Motorcycling at its best.

Special information for BMW F650GS and
Yamaha V-Max motorcycle enthusiasts.

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