Bandannas, Do-Wraps, Do-Rags and Sliks

Some helmets are available with removable liners you can throw in the washing machine.  A bandanna will do the same thing and keep your helmet fresh.  Tie it low over your ears to make it easier to get your helmet on and off without tearing your ears off.  Throw it in the wash when it gets rank. 

A bandanna will also keep your hair smooth and eliminate helmet head.  Have extra bandannas to wear, bank robber style, to keep your wattle warm in cold weather or keep dust out of your nose and mouth.  I wore one year round to make the collar of my riding jacket more comfortable against my neck and to keep the jacket collar clean.

Bandannas make inexpensive and useful accessories for any rider.  Most bandannas are 22-inch squares, which are a bit small for many riders.  Find some 27-inch bandannas or make your own from fabric remnants.  Let the corners hang out from under your helmet so you can show some tail.

Sliks, Do-Wraps and Do-Rags

Some of the other head cover options available include Sliks, Do-Wraps and Do-Rags.  Sliks work well.  I wore one until it was completely worn out.  Sliks do a good job of covering and protecting the ears and the satin inner liner kept hair nice and smooth. 

Do-Wraps are tailored, shaped to the head with an elastic band in the back and have fitted tails.  Many bikers wear them for stylish head protection in lieu of a helmet -- not a good idea.  Better if worn apres-motorcycle.  As a helmet liner, they are okay except that they do not cover the ears.  A winter style is available that does cover the ears, but I never tried them myself.  I am not familiar with the Do-Rag brand.

Other Helmet Accessories

I always liked the visors, the bills, on open faced-helmets because they provided shade for my face and glasses.  When I bought my first full-coverage helmet, I picked a Bieffe Tri-Sport helmet that had a shield that tilted back under a visor.  Some companies still make helmets like this.  The visor worked great as long as I did not turn my head.  Then the wind would try to rip my helmet off.  I gave up on visors and added strips of black electrical tape to the top of the shield, unattractive but effective. 

Carry an extra face shield on long trips.  Have one clear for night riding and one tinted for sunny riding.  Some are more effective than others at blocking heat.  Keep one of those micro-fiber cleaning cloths in your riding jacket.  They are great for cleaning face-plates, windshields and your glasses.

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