The Origin of the Ounce
and the Origin of the Second

I have a theory which I can only substantiate empirically, that is by my own observation, as my research has revealed no other information in this regard.  The theory concerns two of our most basic measurements, the origin of the liquid ounce and a second in time.

My theory is that they were both basic elements of measurement every primitive man had with him, the same as a foot or hand.  My contention is that one ounce equals one swallow and one second equals one heartbeat.  Test it for yourself.

Drink from a container of known capacity, 8 or 12 ounces for example, and count your swallows.  Dismiss a clean up swallow and odds are the number of swallows will be very close to if not exactly equal to the volume in ounces.  Measure your resting heartbeat or pulse.  A person who is physically fit should be very close to 60 beats per minute.  This, in my view, is no coincidence.

Furthermore, the one syllable word "ounce" sounds like a swallowing noise and the two-syllable word "second" sounds likes a heartbeat and takes one second to pronounce.

I know nothing of metrology, philology, etymology or linguistics, but I do want credit for this.

Copyright May 9, 2013

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