Mount Evans, Colorado

Mount Evans
Mount Evans is highest paved road in North America at 14,120 feet.

The year before, I had flown to Denver on some business, rented a Harley-Davidson from Eagle Rider and ridden Mount Evans, the highest paved road in North America at 14,120 feet.  The famous road up Pikes Peak reaches almost the same elevation, but is not paved near the top.  Mark had made many motorcycle trips to Colorado, but had never ridden up Mount Evans so I made a point of leading him to it.  We had good riding and magnificent weather.  At the summit, we swapped cameras and took photographs of each other with our motorcycles to commemorate the event. 

There must have been something going on with the wildlife this year, because a rarely seen Rocky Mountain Goat was foraging near the restrooms.  Or maybe it has something to do with the drainage field for the restrooms providing good browse.  In any event, he kept his muzzle to the ground and was not interested in the tourists snapping pictures.

Rocky Mountain Goat
Rocky Mountain Goat makes rare appearance

We stayed in Raton, New Mexico and the next morning, I saw a bear sitting on the side of a hill watching us ride by.  There was not a restroom in sight -- quite a year for observing wildlife I must say.  That night, Mark wanted to continue on while I offered to pay for a room so we could finish the following morning in daylight.  In spite of my protests, Mark would have none of it. 

When we were still several hours from Houston in the middle of nowhere around midnight, a bright shooting star passed slowly over our left shoulders.  We commented excitedly on it at our next and final gas stop.  We had ridden more than 800 miles that day and would separate soon to ride to our respective homes.  We shook hands warmly as we bid each other farewell and to this day remain the best of friends.

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