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This site is not about arguing the merits of one type or make of motorcycle over another.  There is no single best motorcycle for everyone.  The best motorcycle may be one you had before, one you have now or one that you want to have in the future.  It is the motorcycle that looks the way you want it to look and performs the way you want it to perform.  The one that will allow you to do the things you want to do and ride where you want to ride.

This is a site for people who like to ride.  Riding objectives include safety, comfort and performance for the motorcycle and for the rider.  Riders add windshields, hard luggage or saddlebags and custom seats to make their cruising more comfortable.  It also helps to have the right tools and knowledge to keep your ride running smoothly.  Riders wear helmets, boots, gloves and jackets for their personal safety and comfort.  The need for rain gear will at some point be inevitable if a person rides very far or often. 

Mount Evans
Mount Evans, CO, highest paved road in North America, 14,120 feet.

It is also important to know how to ride well, a skill that will be constantly honed by the good rider.  Finally, there are so many rallies, tours, museums and roads and so little time -- where to ride.  The author will attempt to address many of these issues and provide links to additional resources.

Who is Mad Mac ?

Join the author, Mad Mac, on his western tour and Iron Butt run.  Ride along on his V-Max for a Rocky Mountain Odyssey and climb Mount Evans.  Accompany Mad Mac to Daytona Bike Week and the Lone Star Rally in Galveston.

Along the way, Mad Mac will entertain you and help you find ideas, accessories, books and other sites that will help make you and your motorcycle the best riding experience it can possibly be. 

You may accept nothing less than a Harley-Davidson, a custom metric cruiser like the incredible Neutron Star, power-cruiser or musclebike.  Your tastes may run toward long-distance riding on a Honda Gold Wing or adventure touring on a BMW.  Perhaps yours is a street bike for daily commuting, weekend jaunts and the occasional vacation.  Or you may be a sportbike, racing or street-fighter enthusiast.  Whatever your taste, enjoy the ride and take it easy.

Motorcycling at its best.

Special information for BMW F650GS and
Yamaha V-Max motorcycle enthusiasts.

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