Avenue of the Giants

California 1

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US 101 turns inland through the Redwood forests of Northern California, but there is a scenic road that parallels it called the Avenue of the Giants.  There is no charge to drive on it and I highly recommend it. 

The dense shade along the route made it so dark at times that I could see my instrument lights the same as if it were night.  While pondering how to take a picture of a huge forest full of gigantic trees, I went around the curve shown in this picture.  The woods were thinner here, letting in just the right amount of light.

California 1
California 1

Today proved to be a glorious, sunny day.  California 1 starts out off US 101 in the Coastal Range and offers very challenging mountain roads all the way to the coast.  The northern part of California 1 along the coast is without a doubt the most tortuous and beautiful ride I have ever encountered, including the Road to Hana on Maui. 

California's rocky coast line
Breathtaking vistas wait
around every curve.

The thrill of endless curves is only exceeded by the grandeur of the Pacific.  But you have to keep your wits about you. 

Some curves button hook more than 180 degrees, changing from downhill to uphill and reversing camber into an S-turn requiring first gear to scramble up the next grade, keeping both hands and both feet busy and your neck craning around. 

All this riding and ocean air can really work up an appetite.  I was ready for a giant hamburger....

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