Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Profile view of George Washington on Mount Rushmore.
Note profile of Washington.
It is near the top.

I had never been to Mount Rushmore and set out to amend that oversight taking the Interstate through the Bad Lands and stopping at the incredible Wall Drug Store for a coffee and cherry pie.  In Rapid City, US 16 somehow turned without me and I took another road south, then correcting my error approached Rushmore on a scenic mountain road from the east. 

It began misting but I was enjoying the ride on this twisting, climbing road when I spotted a Tom turkey and hen ahead of me and stopped suddenly so as not to interrupt their courting.  A bit too suddenly it turned out as I promptly fell over on the steep, wet road, much like the character on the tricycle in Laugh In, something I had not done in years.  Now who is a turkey.

Rolling to my feet, I looked down the mountain to see the only other vehicle I had seen in half an hour coming to a stop, a large dump truck driven by a strong chap who helped me right the Mighty Max in no time.  A front brake lever bent down about 30 degrees seemed to be the only damage, but it was still useable.  Straightening the right hand mirror, and starting the flooded carburetors with wide-open throttle, I was on my way.

Mount Rushmore
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt
and Lincoln.

The Man in Lincoln's Nose

Mount Rushmore has an $8 fee for parking, cash only, no credit cards and no discount for motorcyclists.  The mist had turned to a light rain and it was lunchtime, so I paid up and headed for the restaurant.  A large cafeteria looked onto the mountain and while in line I commented to no one in particular that it did not look like the restaurant in the movie North by Northwest.   The lady in front of me turned around slightly, studied me cautiously and then...

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